830 S. Flower Parking Structure

Client CIM Group
Architect RTKL

Team Converts 50 Year Old Office Building Into a Parking Garage

How do you convert a 50 year old office building into a parking garage?

You build a new parking structure adjacent to the old building with ramps up to the existing building’s floors.

The 830 S. Flower project was a challenging conversion of an existing 6 story office building into ground level retail space with 247 parking spaces on the upper floors.

A new 6 level, 366 stall parking structure was added adjacent to the existing building which included ground level retail space.

Team Solves Project Risks and Challenges

The team needed to creatively solve numerous design and construction challenges in order to meet the client’s goals:

  • The structural upgrades and hazmat remediation work at the existing building had to be seamlessly coordinated with construction of the new building in order to meet the construction schedule.
  • Renovation of the old office building needed to meet historical requirements.
  • The project site, located in downtown Los Angeles, was restricted on all four sides by adjacent buildings, underground Metro Rail facilities, and Hope Street.  This created numerous design and construction logistic challenges.
  • Conformance with storm water run-off requirements required the construction of a 30,000 gallon filtration containment vessel to meet State environmental requirements.

Honnold Construction Management Plays Key Role In Project’s Success

Honnold Construction Management’s services helped the client reach their goals by:

  • Seamlessly coordinating the remediation of the existing building with the general contractor’s work.
  • Providing vital technical experience and team leadership skills helping the team meet the client’s budget, quality and schedule requirements.
  • Facilitating subcontractor buyouts and value engineering efforts which helped the client achieve their budget goals.
  • Negotiating significant change order savings for the client.